Breach of Contract & Non-Compete’s

Non-Compete Agreements

When a company hires a new employee in an industry that may involve trade secrets or other confidential business information, it is common for the business to require the new employee to sign an agreement that limits their ability to practice in a similar business enterprise for a period of time and within a specified geographical area.

Non-compete agreements provide business owners with a certain degree of assurance that the specialized knowledge they provide to new employees will not soon thereafter be used against them in a similar competitive business enterprise in a similar geographic region.

Courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia will uphold the validity of a non-compete agreement provided that it is reasonable in its limitation of time and geography. What is “reasonable” depends on the court and the unique circumstances of a particular case.

In some situations, however, the validity of a non-compete agreement may rest on timing. For instance, if the agreement was provided to employees after they accepted employment and with no further consideration, then the non-compete might be deemed invalid. If, however, the agreement was required as a condition of employment, some courts may deem such consideration sufficient.

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Breach of Contract Litigation

The rules of contract interpretation vary from state to state, but all states have remedies for people and business entities that have been damaged as a result of a breach of contract. If you are involved in a contract dispute, the best way to protect your rights is to contact a lawyer.

Depending on the facts of your case, an attorney may be able to help you seek money damages or specific performance of a contract term. In some cases, you may also be able to recover reasonable costs and attorney’s fees associated with a breach of contract lawsuit.

Although it is impossible to provide a comprehensive list of business and commercial contracts, some of the most common types of contract claims involve:

  • Construction contracts
  • Vendor agreements
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Trade agreements
  • Business sales and mergers agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Investment and capital agreements
  • Supply contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Parts contracts
  • Disputes over fair market value
  • Trade secrets disputes

Our business and commercial litigation attorneys have decades of legal experience and are pleased to assist clients involved in a breach of contract dispute. We handle all phases of breach of contract disputes including pre-claim demands, negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial.

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