Drug Crimes

The government zealously prosecutes drug crimes. Maryland and the Federal governments have taken a zero tolerance approach and are seeking tough prosecution of drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute drugs, and the selling of drugs. Whether the drugs are marijuana, cocaine, PCP, Crystal Methamphetamine, or crack cocaine, even simple possession of drugs can land you in jail for several years.

If you have been arrested in Maryland for drug offenses, you need a Drug Lawyer with knowledge and skills. Our firm has handled hundreds of drug cases in state and federal courts. We handle all types of drug cases from possession to distribution of drugs.

Understand Your Rights

Call the Maryland Drug lawyers at Merkin & Taylor, LLC we will gladly explain the complicated Maryland laws governing drug cases and your rights. To schedule your free initial consultation, call David Merkin at 301-762-9200. We welcome the opportunity to share our vast wealth of information in regards to Drug laws, potential penalties and trial experience.