Civil & Commercial Litigation

Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a director of a national corporation, protect your hard work and business investment during any lawsuit. The Merkin & Taylor, LLC represents businesses and their owners facing commercial litigation in the State and Federal Courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia. To learn more, please contact attorney David C. Merkin through this Web site or by calling (301) 762-9200.

Contact an experienced commercial litigation attorney at Merkin & Taylor, LLC if your business faces a dispute such as:

  • Unfair competition claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Mechanic’s or broker’s liens
  • Breach of Contract

We have represented our clients in jury trials, numerous non-jury trials in state and federal courts.  The firm has tremendous experience in commercial litigation, representing clients, as plaintiffs or defendants, in all civil courts. We have broad experience in injunctive matters, obtaining injunctions for our clients, or defending injunctive matters. In particular, our clients call on us to act on extremely short notice to prosecute or defend temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions.

Before entering into what could be an expensive and time-consuming process, you need to consider whether litigation is an appropriate course of action for your dispute. Consider the amount of money and the parties involved before commencing litigation. Whether the ultimate payoff exceeds the potential litigation costs is a major consideration. Also, consider the opposing party’s ability to pay for the expense of litigation. At the Merkin & Taylor, LLC we can help you carefully and realistically evaluate your options.

Commercial litigation involves a variety of contractual and legal disputes requiring an experienced attorney. The lawyers of Merkin & Taylor, LLC strive to provide personal representation to each of their clients in contract disputes, collection proceedings, and other disagreements. Situations leading to emergency commercial litigation include:

As an experienced construction litigation law firm, Merkin & Taylor, LLC represents lenders, developers, suppliers, general contractors, subcontractors, and professionals in a variety of disputes throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. We have successfully represented businesses in cases alleging personal injury or wrongful death, structural defects, and mechanical defects. For more information about how we can represent your interests in construction litigation claims, contact attorney David C. Merkin at 301-762-9200 or

Emergency Business Litigation

When your business is threatened by loss of customer goodwill or client poaching by former employees, the harm is immediate and its value is difficult to prove, if it can be measured in dollars at all. Rapid action is important in these situations, because a traditional court case is often too little, too late. Merkin & Taylor, LLC offers TRO, injunction and declaratory judgment business litigation services for clients in just this kind of situation, including defendants as well as plaintiffs.

Legal emergencies pop up frequently in disputes between business partners, shareholders, members or employers and employees. These close relationships create opportunities for one side to infringe on the rights of the other, or to betray the other’s trust, with damaging financial results. That’s one reason why they are typically governed by contracts as well as by state law. When one party violates its legal obligations, the other party has every right to take the dispute to court. However, court cases can take months to be heard — and in emergency business litigation, you don’t have months. Situations giving rise to emergency business litigation can include:

  • Non-payment, non-delivery and other violations of business-to-business contracts
  • Violations of restrictive covenants in employment, including non-compete and non-solicitation of current employees
  • Disclosure of confidential trade secrets
  • Violations of client privacy
  • Disagreements among partners, shareholders or members of a business
  • Trade libel or business disparagement, and other types of harm to your business’s reputations
  • Allegations of fraud and theft within a business venture

Emergency business and commercial litigation requires fast action and the attorneys at Merkin & Taylor, LLC can step in fast and draft and file motions, and appear in court as soon as the next business day, if needed. Merkin & Taylor, LLC can help you in a variety of disputes throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. If you need fast help with a business emergency or would like to talk more about how we can help, you can contact attorney David C. Merkin at 301-762-9200 or