Burglary & Theft Charges

If you have been arrested for theft charges or are the target of a theft investigation, you need immediate legal representation. Mr. Merkin understands theft cases and can help you vigorously defend against these charges.

Theft crimes can vary widely from shoplifting, petty theft, employee theft, dealing in stolen property, all the way up to burglary and armed robbery. Theft crimes penalties vary widely from probation all the way up to lifetime of incarceration so you need a lawyer that understands the theft laws.

Each case is different in the courts of Maryland and we take the time to explain the cases to our clients. We represent first-time offenders who can seek alternative community punishments such as community service or seek probation before judgments. We also represent clients facing much more serious charges and we know how to investigate and protect our clients to the fullest extent under the law. Our lawyers know the Judges and the prosecutors in our state and this service is extremely valuable to our clients.

Please call David Merkin and the Law Offices of Merkin & Taylor, LLC to represent you. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 301-762-9200”